(PostScript to my post “We cannot continue like this!” on FB on May 12, 2019)

“You see what happens if you sit between two chairs. You have written a lot, correctly, painfully and bitterly, from the heart. What every citizen feels. Also, you noted that you are not at all an oppositionist and support power. The one which is to blame in what you describe. It’s a logical conflict. There are moments in your (?) directed against both the opposition and the government. And the reaction of the farm of anonymous cyberbullers Emomali – FAKE – is disgusting, as always, did not keep itself waiting. They do not understand that you play with them (?) for one team. I sympathize. Now, perhaps for the first time, you will feel what it means to tell the truth to the authorities, even if you are not really an enemy. Especially not an enemy to your people, your Homeland.” (Temur Varki, FB, on my page, May 12, 2019.)

Temur! There is no logical conflict in my position. I have repeatedly stated openly that if I have to choose between the current government and the Islamic opposition, I will choose power. That is why I addressed this government with sharp criticism in the publication “We cannot continue like this!” I gave the authorities the alarm – come to your senses! More than 200 reposts on FB, dozens of detailed comments, rave reviews and just two offensive comments from unknown persons.

And the blunt, full of hatred and anger to my person comments on the websites of Kabiri, do not count. All your comments are touches to the portrait of Muhiddin and those whom he gathered around him. These comments cause my sympathy to the authors (including you), who earn their daily bread by this way.

In order to understand my logic, I suggest you to make an excursion into history with me – to the beginning of the 90s. April 1992. Long-term action of moral and physical terror over dissenters under the tacit slogan “Who is not with us is our enemy!” in full swing. Often those who disagree, beating up, are taken to the square – let it be a lesson for others! And the main slogan “Hizbi Mankhusi Communist!!! – Damned Communist Party!!!” sounds from the mouth of staff speakers from dawn to dawn.

And suddenly another speaker, Islamic party activist Mullo Saaduddin throws a new slogan into the crowd: “Amrico! Amrico! Marg ba nirangi tu!” (America! America! Death to your cunning!). Everyone shocked. What does America have to do with it?

From the story of Dodojon Atovulloev:

“When Mullo Saaduddin came down from the podium, I expressed my indignation to him, calling his speech provocative. And I demanded an explanation.

“I was instructed to voice this slogan at the headquarter,” he answered.

“What headquarter?” I asked him.

He silently led me to a small tent to the right of the square. When I entered the tent, I experienced another shock. Diplomats of the Iranian embassy were sitting in this tent. At the same moment, I was struck by the idea: under the diplomatic cover, workers of the Iranian special services lead the square. After this incident, I left the square. And not only me, but many representatives of the intelligentsia, who naively believed that our people woke up and rose to the struggle for independence. There was no doubt that the Action on Shahidon Square was a project of Iranian special services!”

Further events developed more than dramatically. The commander of the National Guard, General Rahmonov betrayed President Rahmon Nabiyev and joined Shahidon Square with his army. And becoming a defenseless and purely nominal president, R. Nabiyev, under pressure of the leaders of the Islamic Party, was forced to sign a series of decrees to create a government of “national reconciliation”. This renewed government finally split Tajikistan into two irreconcilable camps.

Before the new appointments, authoritative representatives of the Tajik intelligentsia proposed worthy candidates to the new government. If the leaders of the Islamic Party had listened to their voice, perhaps a new government would indeed be able to reconcile both sides of the conflict.

“You have two professors in the same camp, Rahim Musulmonkulov and Abdunabi Sattorzoda. Offer them to enter the new government,” said scientist Akbar Tursunov to the chairman of the Islamic Party Muhammadsharif Himmatzoda.

“We made this revolution not for Musulmonkulov and Sattorzoda,” answered Himmatzoda to the scientist.

One of the main reasons for the fratricidal war was the appointment of Davlat Usmon, while a man with a village level of thinking, who did not work for a single day in government agencies, as deputy prime minister in charge of law enforcement agencies. This appointment then caused a storm of indignation throughout the republic…

With the creation of the government of “national reconciliation”, which actually became the government of national hostility, the last hope for a peaceful resolution of the internal Tajik conflict provoked from the outside was buried.

In September 1992, a plane carrying weapons for the militants of the Islamic Party was to fly from Iran to Tajikistan. The Russian special services stopped the arrival of dangerous cargo and warned their Iranian colleagues that if the plane arrives in Dushanbe with a weapon, the weapon will be confiscated! If then the Iranian special services managed to arm the Islamic opposition, today there would not be a state called Tajikistan on the world map. The south of the republic would be called Small Afghanistan. But Uzbekistan would not be allowed the spread of the fire of war beyond the Anzob Pass and Northern Tajikistan would come under its control.

After 27 years, the goals and objectives of the Islamic Party have not changed – with the full support of Iran aggravate the situation in the republic as much as possible and seize power in the wake of terror and violence.

In such a situation, if I am in opposition to the current government, without even realizing it, I will become a puppet in the hands of the Iranian secret services. Unlike you, I do not bargain Homeland.

Any power is not eternal. The rulers come and go, but the people remain. The Era of Emomali Rahmon is coming to an end. I want the change of power in my homeland this time to occur without shocks and without bloodshed. Our people will not endure another bloody revolution.

That’s my logic. And now about your logic. It is cynical and immoral. This is the logic of a person who has nothing sacred. You are well aware of the events of the early 90s, the true causes of our national tragedy. Because you was an eyewitness and an active participant in the tragic events. It was also known to you in April 1992 that even then the Islamic Party became a puppet political force in the hands of Iranian special services. And today, this party is that same puppet. And you serve this puppet for handouts in order not to die of hunger in Europe. Your life principle is any service for your money! No wonder that our witty colleagues in the early 90s gave you the nickname PORTFELENOSETS (PORTFOLIO CARRIER)!

Your “Alliance” is an “opposition”, created with money, for money! If today Iran stops financing Kabiri, his “Alliance” will collapse like a house of cards.

On Kabiri’s websites, you talk about the successes of the “Alliance”. And supposedly these successes make the Tajik authorities move. There is some truth in these false statements. Kabiri really has success. The government of Tajikistan itself helps him to achieve success. After the disgraceful special operation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the abduction and then the release of Sharofiddin Gadoev, the owners of Kabiri in Iran had the impression that the “Alliance” was indeed a force. This force should be further supported in order to implement the Islamic Revolution project in Tajikistan. Elementary illiterate Sharofiddin was around the finger of the Tajik special services, who were forced to conduct him with honors to the cabin of the aircraft. They removed the honorary farewell on video and posted it on the Internet – if somewhere along the way he was kidnapped again, there should be no complaints about the Tajik special services.

The money flowed to Kabiri’s pocket again in greater volumes than before. By the way, Temur! Kabiri, increasing his budget, increased the size of handouts to you? He often takes you on trips when he cruises in Europe. Does he even feed you on these trips? I am just not asking you about it. One my friend told me this tragic and comic story, which was witnessed in Warsaw at the OSCE forum last September. Here is his story:

“The meeting was held in a five-star hotel, where a cup of coffee costs 4-5 Euros, and dinner costs 50 Euros per person. Approximately 25 people who came to the forum at the invitation of Kabiri looked like beggars to the royal ball. They could not allow themselves even order mineral water. Like Kabiri was collecting homeless people on the streets of Warsaw, washed them, dressed in more or less decent clothes and ran into the hotel.

And now it’s lunchtime. This crowd suddenly rushed out into the courtyard of the hotel, and I followed them. In the yard, they were waited by a young man with a large cardboard box in which there was a shawarma. The guys, like hungry cubs, pounced on the box and devastated it in a few minutes. Then they ate it with Pepsi Cola, quickly wiped their mouths and, as if nothing had happened, returned to the hotel. It was both funny and disgusting to look at this sight. To what extent a person needs to go down low in order to serve his master on a half-starved ration! And this beggarly half-starved crowd loudly calls itself – the National Alliance of Tajikistan!

No wonder that Dododjon calls shawarma the Alliance brand… All these guys were placed in hostels and motels on the outskirts of Warsaw. And Ravshani Temuriyon was located a few kilometers from Warsaw in some inn…”

Recently, your wage earner Kabiri, speaking on TV, expressed outrage at the fact that some individuals were condemning his supporters – free-thinking (modernized! – S.M.) intellectuals Ravshani Temuriyon, Temuri Varki and Barzu Abdurazzokov. Of course, he meant Dodojon, Hafiz Boboyorov and me. He did not have the courage to give our names. We strongly interfere with your owner! He is desperately trying to create an image of a civilized politician, throwing Iranian money to the wind, and we are destroying this image to him. No wonder at one meeting said a sentence: our enemy is not the government, our enemy is Atovulloev!

What is the level of your breadwinner, if he considers you and Ravshan intellectuals, and even free-thinkers! You both think on order and for handouts! Only one typical example. Muhiddin declared Bosmachis the national heroes, and you responded with lightning speed: “My ancestors were Basmachis!” And if Muhiddin had declared the fighters for the establishment of Soviet power in Tajikistan the heroes, then your ancestors would certainly have become commanders of the Red Army. And you would be proud to tell how they fought mercilessly against the enemies of Soviet power.

You for a piece of bread flirting with false Islamists, you meekly serve them, but you have not learned how to correctly pronounce the words that come from the mouth of Muslims 24 hours a day – Allah Akbar, Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim. You became a laughing stock when these sacred words were heard from your lips – OLAKH AKBAR, BISMILLA RAHMAN RAHIM. Do you even know the meaning of these words? I doubt it.

28 years have passed since the collapse of the USSR, and you, positioning yourself as a patriot, did not learn the Tajik language. Here is your whole free-thinking look!

Now about Barzu Abdurazzokov. There are two Barzu. The first is a talented theater director, who received a brilliant education in Moscow and won the sympathy of the audience throughout the post-Soviet space. The second Barzu is stupid! Because he stupidly climbs into politics, in which he understands nothing! Stupid Barzu does not realize that Kabiri uses his name to create his own image!

A few years ago, when the Islamic Party was legitimate in Tajikistan, Kabiri organized a meeting between Barzu and his fellow party members. And Barzu told them about the theater, about the work of Sadriddin Ayni. When I watched the video of the meeting on the Internet, I wanted to shout: “Barzu! Ask these bearded fanatics if they know the address of the Academic Theater named after Abulkosim Lohuti in Dushanbe?! And do they know what the word theater means?!” At this meeting, the talented Barzu demonstrated his stupidity.

The first Barzu causes sympathy and respect, the second – contempt! Finishing a detailed answer to your comment, I caught myself thinking – answering you, I involuntarily described the portrait of a scoundrel. You are that scoundrel! And do you, not hesitating, pretend yourself as a righteous person in your commentary and read morality to me?

Any sensible Tajik, who is not indifferent to the future of Tajikistan, shies away from such opposition, seeing around Kabiri the same scoundrels like you!

P.S. Temur! The story of how you got the status of political emigrant, the most interesting in your biography. But I will tell about it some other time. Wait!


Mirzorahmatov Salomiddin



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